Welcome to our laboratory

As the leader of our group, I welcome you to our website. Our laboratory is in the research area of advanced nanomaterials with clean energy (alternative energy and hydrogen energy). To fabricate, assemble and composite, or organic/inorganic materials with high-performance functions, which are created from a combination of each material’s properties, is one of the most fascinating and necessary research.

In this laboratory, we design, synthesize, and characterize the assembly, composites, and organic/inorganic materials based on surface/interface design to expand nanomaterials’ properties to those of bulky materials. In particular, we have challenged ourselves to create and develop high-functional non-metal light element materials (carbon-based materials including boron, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, sulfur, and phosphorus) with high-performance surfaces and interfaces, which are necessary for the field of next-generation clean energy raised to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Yoshinori Sato